Their Story

Kat and Craig met on the Night of New Years' Eve after a mutual friend invited Craig to Kat's Party. As it turns out Kat and Craig were both living in the same apartment building in Melbourne- which when you think of how their story progressed is kind of cute. Kat was almost quite literally the 'Girl Next Door'. Kat is from QLD and Craig is from Scotland. So the fact that these two soul mates were sharing a building - in Melbourne of all places - before they even knew each other seems like providence. After that New Year's Eve party Kat describes them as "pretty much inseparable".

With the pandemic and visas, Craig had to fly home to Scotland and for 6 months they were separated. Until, Kat flew to Scotland where they lived, got engaged and eventually eloped to the Highlands. Does this not sound like a Hallmark movie??!! After falling pregnant with their first child they moved back to Australia to spend time with Kats family. Then came the wonderful opportunity to have their "Australian Wedding". A beautiful celebration of love and commitment by the soft sandy beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

Just as the sun was setting and as the waves gently knocked the shore, Kat and Craig renewed their vows and celebrated their love with friends and family. They continued the celebrations at Kat's parent's house which had been decked out in more fairy lights than I had ever seen. Everyone ate, drank and danced the night away. It was truly a beautiful day fit for a loving couple.

Please enjoy a selection of photos from this magical day.