More Promising ThAn Fate.

A love destined before the world was born, Merry and Jordan seemed to defy all odds to find each other from across the globe. Brought together by Merry's brother and Jordan's friend, they fit like two pieces from a puzzle. A few years later they tied the knot in the LDS Hawaii temple.

Merry comes from a large and close-knit family in Alaska - and Jordan, originally from New Zealand has lived in Australia for most of his life.

With ancestors generations back who knew each other, among other improbable connections it was like Jordan and Merry were destined from the start. It was Merry's brother who got them talking - he 'paraded Merry's pictures to me' Jordan explained to me when I asked about their origin story. Jordan knew Merry's brother from a 2-year volunteer experience they both did in Brisbane well over 10 years ago. They remained friends and when Merry asked her brother if there were any decent boys around, he mentioned his friend Jordan. A friendship that's paid dividends.

I have known Jordan for years, but I only met Merry on the wedding day. We had only just met yet something about her seemed familiar. Her love for music, quirkiness and get-things-done attitude really resembled Jordan's quintessential qualities. I was happy for Jordan, finding his perfect fit.

As the day passed on and the wedding jitters eased, you could see a gentle calm between them. They found a home with each other. A quiet comfort that says loudly - this is forever. As a photographer, I have been to so many weddings, some of whose marriages have already ended. It's sad for everyone, but it happens. Once I worked for a company that called a newlywed couple to tell them their $10,000 wedding album had arrived at the studio - 6 weeks after their wedding. They called back saying they were already separated and that the studio could do whatever they wanted with the pricy item - burn it, bin it, or use it for display - they didn't care. After a few weddings, you get to see which couples are sure to last the distance. The tail-tell sign is when both partners find comfort in each other - that home sort of feeling I was talking about. It was nice seeing that with Jordan and Merry and it only makes you want to work harder as their photographer - to really capture that feeling on film.

Merry + Jordan's wedding was spread over two separate days. They were married on the 31st of May at the Temple in Laie, Hawaii and had their reception on the 2nd of June 2022. Their reception was held at the North Shore Polo Club. They also celebrated their soon-to-be marriage with friends and family in Alaska a few weeks earlier.