Kayla + Tristan

It’s always extra special to photograph people you know. Kayla has been a good friend to me for years now. So I jumped when the opportunity came to snap some engagement pictures for her. Kayla came around for the weekend to try on wedding dresses with us - originally we had planned on shooting in the Forrest later that day but the sun set quickly and we ran out of time. In the spur of the moment decision we hurried off to the beach to catch the last glimpses of light.

The Beach

The sun dipped below the dunes, with a slight mist of salt in the air. The sand was cold and the ocean loud. They walked to the shore. "We're so awkward" They kept saying. I laughed "literally everyone says that, you guys look fine". They fell into each other, posing naturally I was able to capture authentic love.

I guess they warmed up by the end, because they decided to jump into the winter ocean for some artsy pics. The sun had gone by this point so I pumped my ISO and got some beautiful grain on their pictures. I was wearing steel cap leather boots - ready for the forrest. But when they jumped into the water I had to come close and those boots got filled up to the brim. They were also soaked. The waves were rough and they got clobbered. Drenched and happy they walked all the way home.

The Forrest

The next morning the sun was out and we knew it was our last chance to catch forest pics before they headed back to Brisbane.

Autumn colours shone brightly in the morning light. The lighting was pristine.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.