Why I got into photography

I began photography in 2009. Back then it was a bludge subject in school where you'd wander around endlessly, snap a few pics on film and if you were lucky, develop them in the studio. Our photography teacher Mr D wasn't too enthralled to be teaching the subject. His lessons seemed a bit dry and drab but I hung on to every word. All I had back then was this hot pink waterproof camera that took grainy, low pixeled photos at best. Every day after school I would use that camera to practice on the red and orange roses in my backyard.

My love for the craft really solidified one day the next year when my mum was really sick. She couldn't leave the couch, she had no energy and could hardly breathe. Through our backyard glass doors, she could see the hints of red and orange and asked me if I could go outside and take photos of the fresh blooms for her to enjoy. Determined to capture the most beautiful pictures I stayed outside and photographed those roses till the cows came home. Using all my photography knowledge that I had soaked up from Mr D I was able to capture an image I was proud of, one that seemed too beautiful to have come from me. It surprised me, that I may have had a talent in something. Until then, I thought of myself as average all over, nothing particularly special about me.

This is THE photo that sparked my interest in photography.

Here are some studio images I took during my time at photography college.

For the next year, I spent hours each day snapping pics of flowers and flies, anything I could capture within the reach of that backyard. A point and shoot camera can only get you so far and so I began to do some more research with the plan to convince my dad to buy me a digital camera. Back then digital cameras were expensive, hah I guess they still are. One day I had found the cheapest digital camera around and had finally plucked up the courage to ask my dad to buy it for me. I had this speech all planned out. I was going to tell him that I was dedicated, in love with the craft and willing to scrub every toilet in the house for the rest of my life to pay him back. I still remember the moment I sat down on my parent's bed next to my dad who was packing his suitcase for his nearing trip to Egypt. My heart was pounding, I wanted this camera so badly. I asked him for a camera and he smiled. Totally not the response I was expecting when he chuckled "yeah sure" gesturing with his head he said, "you can use my camera when we get back." He nodded in the direction of a BRAND NEW Canon 60D, still in its box. Turns out he had bought it that day. I was shocked, the box was next to me that whole time, but I was too nervous to notice. This camera was niiiiice. Way better than the cheap stuff I was about to convince him to buy. It felt like I had won the lottery.

I was so excited when Mum and Dad finally came home from that trip to Egypt. I could hardly wait for them to unpack. They bought us back gifts but all I wanted was that camera in my hands and once I got it... I ran with it. I practised and practised. I took photos of everyone and everything. I was blessed enough to get a job as a second shooter for a professional wedding photographer and over the next few years I shot countless weddings with them and soaked up as much knowledge as I could. Over the years I upgraded my gear and my skills. I even attended a college and snapped up a diploma in Visual Communication majoring in Photography. I've worked under many critically acclaimed photographers and have grown much in the process.

And here we are now 11 something years later. I'm a professional photographer who can call herself an international wedding photographer, master of light and a qualified snapper. So that's my story, the LONG story and if you're still here reading this, I must say I'm impressed. That was a lot to go through and the fact that you've stuck around tells me we are probably going to make good friends. So hit me up in the contact form, I'm sure I'd be more than happy to shoot with you.

More rose photos from my backyard

This was apart of my year 12 final art project. It was all about the hidden beauty in the world.

More photos from my time in college. Tthis was a collaboration between the college and the restraunt Quay in sydney harbour.